Thursday, January 24, 2008

Special Interview: First "Dimes" Donor

Today we distributed flyers into our school. It was very exciting. We also found our first donor who is also our special guest on today's blog. Whoo!!

My sister is donating $1.80 in dimes (18 dimes!). Here's our special Q and A.

Q: Why 18 dimes?
A: 'Cause that's all I had in my charity box.

Q: What's a charity box?
A: It's a box that I keep all my charity money in.

Q: How often do you put money in it?
A: I don't know (Mom says monthly).

Q: Why do you think the Dimes for Diapers is a good cause?
A: 'Cause babies need diapers and we should earn money to get more diapers for them.

Thank you to our special guest. Give it up for my sister!!!

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